Learn Spanish in an academy

This program is done in collaboration with a language school where the student attends classes with other students. You will be given a language test to be able to locate it at its corresponding level.

The classes will done with a maximum of 5 students. The school provides them with the corresponding pedagogical material for their level and to be able to improve their learning according to a working methodology. At the school they carry out activities every day, where our students can join if they wish.

For this program there are several types of accommodation: in family and in residence. With the first option they make excursions and cultural or sport activities. Above all, they will have fun and learn.

We offer accommodation services, selection of language classes, selection of professors and study programs, organization and execution of cultural and sports activities, airport and station transfer service, … and control and monitoring of students during their stay.

We designed other options for groups of different numbers of students. Integrating into existing or tailored study programs, with public activities carried out by the City Council and cultural bodies, if there are places and always with the idea of offering pedagogical quality, good level of families and get some good memories of your stay.

We are currently working in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Salamanca, Santander and Saragossa. But we can also offer our services in other parts of Spain through our correspondents.