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We are a business company that act as a tool for your company and always in your name. We are specialized in organizing homestays for groups of students, a variety of homestay programs with all kind of services you require to learn Spanish in Spain. Our professional and financial reliability is our main asset when offering our collaboration.

From 1995

The quality of our services is guaranteed by



The professionalism of human capital in Laforet Group is considered as an added value and recognized by our clients. We know our business well and quickly resolve any issues that may arise. Our desire for improvement helps us to improve day by day.


We have been working with the same families for many years, and during our selection, we prioritized the area of residence for safety reasons, but also the family’s socio-cultural level and motivation. We currently colla¬borate with more than 900 families.


Both our clients and yours can rest easy, we offer a personalized service, taking care of every detail.


We are a travel agency that guarantees us more than 20 years of experience. All our clients can rest easy because we have all the necessary insurance that marks the law.

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