Homestay with or without Spanish classes

Our goal is to offer students the experience of staying with a family, being treated like another family member, while practising the Spanish language.

We pay special attention to making sure that the student and host family have a similar cultural and socio-economic level and share the same interests. The families who collaborate in this program are not driven by economic interests, they want their children to get to know other cultures and improve their communication skills.

During their stay, the students will have their own room, eat with the families, make excursions and cultural or sports orientated activities. Above all, they will have fun and learn. This is an ideal program for young people interested in the Spanish way of life and in learning Spanish.

The integration in family can be with or without Spanish classes. With classes, includes Spanish classes by a qualified family member. The duration of the classes can be of 10 hours, 15 hours or 20 hours per week, established before the arrival.

We keep in touch with the student during the whole stay to make sure the family integration goes smoothly and that the student is making progress. It is a quality service in which we have an enormous experience.

We are currently working in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Salamanca and Saragossa , but we can also offer our services in other parts of Spain through our correspondents.