Homestay with Spanish school

Similar to the above mentioned homestay, in this program the student will be in the school and do the same activities of the classmates. We will try to find a family whose son/daughter of the house will be in the same school.

The cultural activities and excursions will be reduced to one per week, as the classes will take up quite a lot of time.

The duration of the stay must be agreed taking into account the dates and the course that they carry out.

In this program, the students will get their own room and eat with the fa¬milies. According to school and age can eat at school. In some cases, the student will be rooming with the son/daughter of the family.

Like in the previous homestay option, the students will be picked up by their family at the station or at the airport and also dropped off upon departure.

We keep in touch with the student during the whole stay to make sure the family integration goes smoothly and that the student is making progress.

We are currently working in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Salamanca, Santander and Saragossa. But we can also offer our services in other parts of Spain through our correspondents.